16 Kasım 2018 Cuma


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The main topics of  department of ınformatıcs     collect   data for   particular purposes , process, transmit, publish, store, make information.Informatics   examines  the scientific research area to carry out these functions, methods, devices, systems and   the impact of these systems on society and the individual.   Information Technologies  form the link between the information and communication sector in the department.

  Communication provides popularizatıon with the use of technological of media and printing technology.Communication technologies contribute  to the introduction of new technologies in this area of constant change took place. Radio, television andinternet applications has  turned into the desktop and digital broadcasting  in the process. Each stage of publishıng requıred table-top and  all the technological equipment  .even individual  and instant publishing ıncreasingly widespread .Department of  informatıcs both  examines  desktop publishing techniques , follow developments   and   examines social, political,  the legal consequences of   understanding  digital broadcastingtechnology.  Making scientific studies   at the digital publishing  together withdesktop publishing  are  this department’s subjects.