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 The cinema  is consideredas the product of both art and popular culture, offers valuable material for interrogate and analyze  the contemporary culture Cinema  becomes increasingly important in the field of communication sciences

In  thisdepartment, a cinema locates    as a cultural  text ,  , therotıcal and practıcal lessons are avaible ın order to make  sense of the variety of perspectıves ,solve the different code and   asses the difference in other media texts , and at the same time  ın order to understand the formation and process of the functioning of the cinema,

History of cinemaand Turkish/ World  Cinema  area   not only  present a chronology but also   aim  to investigate the social, economic, cultural, and political   aspects  how a change and transformation spent. in hıstory of cinema

Film theories area  aims to examine the various theories so far developed and used to understand the film.

Film criticism and Film theories are complementary to each other.In this  department  film theory will be examined and students will be asked to used these theories which  based on how to look critically films,examples of all types of theorıes wiil be examined how the  ımplemented.

 Practical based discipline  focus on  documentaries, short films and video productions .These lessonswill also include theoretical knowledge. It should be a very strong theoretical infrastructure ın order to  make documentary  therefore, the film production classes will be divided into two parts includingtheoretical and practical.